Two Dogs and a Garden

Filled with passion, beauty and truly gorgeous photographs, this delightful book is about an extraordinary and unique garden and the trials and tribulations experienced by those living in it: Derelie, Bob, Jessee and Trudy.

By 1999, Bob, plant hunter and breeder extraordinaire, was divorced and looking for a new wife. Derail was happily ensconced in book publishing and and not looking for a husband. But fate intervened and decided to introduce the pair at the Melbourne International Flower Show that year. A few months later, Derelie left the world of books forever and took up residence in Paradise.

Daily life changed dramatically and two dogs, both presents from Bob, became an integral part of the household and her daily routine. As well, the garden began to visibly change, especially in the direction of roses, Derelie’s favourite flower.

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Author: Cherry, Derelie Ann
Title: Two dogs & a garden / Derelie Cherry
ISBN 9780646509570
Publisher: Paradise Publishers

Handbook cover. 240 pages.

Type: Book

Brand: Paradise Publishers

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