The Gurus Explore DVD

Get inspired by this six-part travel series The Gurus Explore, as seen on Channel Nine. Explore some of the world’s most well-hidden treasures and awe-inspiring destinations with hosts Trevor Cochrane and Neville Passmore, Nigel Ruck and Geraldine Chia. Seen through the eyes of the presenters, each program focuses exclusively on one country, providing a fascinating and in-depth insight into the culture, the people and the food. Each show will tempt you to go globetrotting yourself to experience each country featured in The Gurus Explore.

The Gurus Explore DVD Box Set – Volume 1
Disk 1:

Taiwan: Long known for its industrial prowess, Taiwan is also the world’s largest orchid exporter.

Japan: See why Japan has the reputation as Asia’s premier tourist destination.

South Africa: Be dazzled by the splendor of South Africa, a diverse country full of spirit and heart.

Disk 2:

South Korea: From the Hi Seoul Festival to the infamous demilitarized zone, there’s so much to see and do in South Korea.
Canada : See the brilliance of autumn colour whilst traveling via rail through eastern Canada.
Pilbara: Be swept away by the breathtaking scenery of Australia’s own PIlbara region in the Wild West.

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Title: Explore
Barcode: 9326118002455
Format: DVD
Running Time: DVD 1: approx 120 minutes, DVD 2: approx 120 minutes.

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Brand: Guru Productions

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