The West Australian Garden Guide

A book just for gardeners in Western Australia, The West Australian Garden Guide is jam-packed with information to help you create and maintain a beautiful garden of your dreams. The book opens with a chapter on 500 of the Best for the West. Five hundred best annuals, cacti and succulents, climbers, cycads and palms, deciduous and evergreen trees, ground covers, native shrubs, perennials, shrubs and strap-leaf plants are listed with detailed descriptions and beautiful photographs. The book also includes chapters on The Edible Garden, featuring fruit and vegetables that can be grown in Western Australia. Other chapters include roses, lawns, soil, water and landscaping. This is a must-have gardening book for West Australian gardeners.

The photographs featured in the book are stunningly beautiful, and each chapter opens with a delightful quote.

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Author: Cochrane, Trevor and Neville Passmore
Title: The West Australian Garden Guide
ISBN 9780975147658
Publisher: Guru Productions

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Soft cover. 368 pages.

Type: Book

Brand: Guru Productions

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